Dear L.A. Times: WTF????

Culture Monster
Culture Monster, the L.A. Times’s new blog.

Proving that there’s no such thing as an original idea, the L.A. Times recently debuted an arts and architecture blog called, ahem, Culture Monster. It’s been around for approximately five minutes.

I mean, really, people. I know you’re just hoping to ride C-Monster’s coattails out of dead-tree obscurity, but did you have to be such flagrant biters? I’ve been toiling for more than a year now. I’ve even covered stuff in your home turf. So, don’t even try to tell me that you didn’t know didn’t exist. Besides, my Statcounter tells me that there’s someone over there at the Times who Googles “C-Monster” on a semi-regular basis and then reads the blog. And I’m sure it’s not the mail guy, because if you’re anything like the rest of print media, corporate has already fired them all.

All I know is that if this isn’t remedied somehow, I’m gonna go all Sarah Palin on your asses. And you guys are gonna be the moose.

xox, C.

Unfortunate discovery made via Modern Art Notes.



  1. Donna Barstow

    They are bad at even mentioning other blogs outside of each other (meaning each LA Times blog references the other LA Times ones).

    But what I really love is that some of the blogs don’t allow emails or websites in the reply. They are SO AFRAID someone will leave their site!

    Isn’t sitemeter great?

  2. San-suzie

    I’m gonna send this to my entire LA email list so we can bombard the times with protests. Let’s all hit them with protests about it. Who else do we know in the LA media? Hey, C-Mon, this is only gonna mean more exposure for us in the end…

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  4. Joanne Mattera Art Blog

    Well, C, you know you’re doing something right to have been so egregiously ripped off. You could change your tag line (at least temporarily) to “Not the LA Times Ripoff”-just so they’re reminded every time they look at it, which apparently is often.

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  7. Sharon

    They seem to be creatively challenged. Perhaps we should help them come up with a better, monster-free name?

    -Sharon @ Two Coats of Monster

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  9. Bobby G

    Shame, shame on LA Times. Filching other people’s ideas may be okay in Hollywood, but New Yorkers won’t stand for it. Give ‘em hell, girl. There’s only one Monster, and you’re it.

  10. chris

    Add my name to the list of those protesting the “Culture Monster”. C’mon, LAT. Let’s do something about that.

  11. chris

    I left a comment over there, too, requesting a name change. Maybe if we fill up the comment sections with gripes they’ll listen.

  12. Margarita Silva

    You’d think that a corporation like he L.A. Times would have more creative minds and not need to steal other people’s ideas. Pitty the idiot that proposed the name as his own idea.

  13. anne

    i’m sorry this happened to you but something good will come of it!!! don’t stop believing!

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  15. Yvonne Connasse

    Mon dieu! Outrageous. The only good thing to note in this bizarre bit of not-so-sublte kleptomania, is that nobody with any appreciation of culture actually reads the L.A. Times. But still!

  16. muskawo

    I dont read the LA times (and don’t really have any reason to, I live in australia) and I read your blog, I think in the end this blog has more global reach than some crappy thing on their site.

    imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… I wonder what youthoughtwewouldntnotice would think? (though they stick to design based rips rather than names)

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