Help the L.A. Times comes up with a new name for their arts blog.

Culture Monster Sucks
Here’s a story you’ll never see on C-Monster. And thank god.

If you’ve been reading C-Mon for the last 24 hours, you know that the L.A. Times just debuted a brand spankin’ new arts and architecture blog called Culture Monster, which needless to say, smarts. In thinking about the whole ridiculous situation this morning, I realised that either one of two things happened:

  1. The L.A. Times is trying to achieve some measure of blog credibility by coming up with a name that echoes my ridiculous online enterprise. If they were really smart, however, they woulda ripped off the names of blogs who have been doing this way longer and way better than me: AFC, Looking Around, MAN, Art to Go, Winkleman, to name but a few…
  2. The L.A. Times didn’t know that existed when they decided it would be a good idea to have an arts blog. Which leads me to believe that finances are so bad at the Times that their reporters don’t have access to the Internet.
In the interest of helping the Times fix this terrible oversight, which I’m sure they will remedy very soon (as in any minute), I’m hoping that everyone can pitch in and help them come up with a new name for their blog. Rome correspondent San Suzie has already come up with a couple of suggestions:
  • LALApalooza
  • Culture Impostor
My two cents: anything that doesn’t involve the letter “C” closely followed by the word “Monster.”
Post your ideas in the comments section below. I’ll make sure that my colleagues at the Times hear all about ‘em.
xox, C.


  1. Alex in NYC

    There is only *ONE* C-Monster.

    BTW, thought you’d enjoy this:

  2. c-monster

    awesome. i think i’m gonna have to put this in tomorrow’s digest. i’m so glad that god is bringing donuts…

  3. Alex in NYC

    Not to keep pimpin’ my own shit, but also do czech out:

    Beers soon?

  4. WTF?

    Isn’t Tony Pierce in charge of the blogs over there? Didn’t he feature your pictures on LAist a few times?

  5. Richard

    Hmm… it seems like a debate, or a true fight, is in order. I mean if you are both “monsters” then there should be an open battle. I think a battle battle to the death would be good — I mean you’re both freaken’ monsters. Winner take the name and the other has to back down.

    Right now my money is on C-Monster; you certainly are bringing the steam so far. But maybe the LA Times will take out the dumb and try and beat you down right quick. I mean, how do they not know about C-Monster?

  6. Freese

    I don’t know, perhaps something clever like “L.A. Times Arts Blog”?

  7. Jeffry Cudlin

    I tried posting these helpful suggestions to the OTHER C-monster, but to no avail:

    Modern Art Notables
    Looking Around and About
    Culture Boooy
    Two Coats of Poop
    The Other Edward Winkelman

  8. c-monster

    @ Agent Lover and Jeffry Cudlin:
    I think you guys may have the winning entries….

    In the meantime, I few more ideas for the folks at the L.A.T., so we might speed this process along:

    Culture Biter, cuz that’s what they are…
    Culture Muncher, which has good alliteration
    All Culture, West of the 5 (because, let’s face it, that’s all they cover.)
    The 101, in case they want something all hip-like; kinda like the 411, but local.
    Culture Jam, culture instead of traffic. Very L.A.

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  10. Jeff Geib

    A couple more
    and then I promise to knock it off:



  11. Regina Hackett

    Hi. I think you missed this. Just FYI, so you know I’ve got yr back. Regina

  12. Jeff Geib

    Okay let’s try:


    or better yet:


    or, on an entirely different note: