The Digest. 05.18.09.

From Joe Polifrone’s A Still Life series. (Image courtesy of Joe Polifrone.)

  • Techie gang signs. (Gracias, Royce!)
  • Museums in movies. (@brooklynmuseum)
  • Photos from the Frank Lloyd Wright show at the Guggenheim. Justin Davidson of New York Mag reviews the show here.
  • Plus: The Saltz-master on Francis Bacon.
  • LACMA’s new big-ass Roberto Matta. Which reminds me: How many more Cisneros-fluffing shows am I gonna have to endure at MoMA before they finally get around to giving Matta the retrospective he so sorely deserves?
  • Studio 360 covers the changing landscape of arts criticism and journalism.
  • The Getty Research Institute is on Flickr.
  • Christopher Knight gives Michelle Obama the smackdown for going to the Met. I, for one, would pay money to watch FLOTUS admire the banana peel at the New Museum.
  • Photos of the Jessica Stockholder installation in Madison Square Park.
  • Twittering Alice in Wonderland.
  • Hilarious: After 400 years, Oxford University has banned stepladders from its library for “health and safety” reasons. Problem: Now no one can reach the books.
  • The best baguettes in Paris. (Hustler of Culture.)
  • Today’s Street Art: Judith Supine in NYC.
  • The Washington Post looks at the National Trust’s most endangered list. (Arts Journal.)
  • The architecture of evil lairs.
  • Princess Zaha’s latest footwear.
  • A round-up of designs for the temporary pavilions at the Shanghai 2010 World Expo, including my favorite, the Dark Lord Foster’s labial sand dune.
  • Underwater volcanoes and killer shrimps.
  • Your moment of awkward family photos. My favorite. A close second. (Thank you, Gary!)

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