The Digest. 03.15.10.

Draper style. (Photo by F.Trainer.)

  • You too could be the proud owner of a giant Canadian beaver. Inflatable, of course.
  • It’s all about performance. At least in NYC’s major museums. Plus: An audio slideshow devoted to the female artists of the genre.
  • The Marina Abramovic cam. In related news: I stared at Marina Abramovic and all I got was this lousy T-shirt. And: Audio of Abramovic’s press conference, earlier in the month. (@gregorg.)
  • Child performers at the Gugg’s Tino Sehgal show didn’t get paid. Instead, they got a hat, a bag and a museum membership. What, no key chain? Sehgal’s performers also report that American college students are the rudest of all museum-goers.
  • Could be interesting: The Tate is inviting producers, poets and hip-hop musicians to react to Chris Ofili’s work.
  • Christopher Knight likes Luc Tuymans, he really really likes him.
  • Nazi-looted Corot to go to auction.
  • A biennial grows in Denver. ‘Cuz what the world really needs is another biennial. (Though I have to confess, I’m digging the North/South America angle on this one.)
  • Kathy Grayson, a director at Deitch’s gallery, to take on a bunch of the soon-to-be MoCA director’s artists.
  • Alexandra Peers goes to the NY Observer. (@russelltrombone.)
  • Art by telephone: authenticating Andy Warhol.
  • Please don’t lick the art. Shit, I coulda used this shirt on Saturday night. (Eyeteeth.)
  • From the Annals of White People Hijinks: Having chickens in NorCal is now a movement known as “femivorism.” In the rest of the world (and among the poor and in agricultural/rural societies), this important movement is known as “having chickens.”
  • The rare black penguin.
  • Rednecks and cars.
  • Photo Set: New York in the ’60s and ’70s. (Flaming Pablum.)
  • RIP photographer Charles Moore. Renowned for dramatic civil rights era photographs such as this. (Thanks for the heads up, Bill.)
  • Today’s Graff: Arp in Naples, Italy.
  • Jean Nouvel’s latest. Ourossoff describes it as having a “rough-edged sex appeal.”
  • I love me some taxidermy. (Coudal.)

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