And while you’re at LACMA…

Things that make you go duuuuude: The 2000 Sculpture, by Walter de Maria, at the museum’s new Resnick Pavilion. (Image courtesy of Museum Associates/LACMA.)

Last week, I also got a peek at LACMA’s new Renzo Piano-designed Resnick Pavilion, which will officially open to the public in early October. The building is currently home to a pretty spectacular Walter De Maria piece composed of 2000 individual plaster rods in different polygonal shapes. The piece is totally insane. (I would have loved to have spent the entire day inside the pavilion, with a camping chair and Slurpee.) Better yet, the building is largely empty — there are no display walls to divvy the space up. And it is damn amazing — airy, graceful, totally elevating. And waaaaay better than BCAM, which I still think looks kinda like a 1970s junior high school on steroids.

The Resnick Pavilion is not currently open in a steady way to the public. But the museum is hosting occasional “Flash Visits” to allow folks to visit. There’s Flash Visits going on today and tomorrow. Follow the museum’s blog, Unframed, for future Flash Visit dates. It’ll be worth the trouble.


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