The Day in Bad Ideas: Shining Path Montessori School, for your budding little ideologue.

We’re not making this up.

San Suzie sent this photo along to me this morning and, well, I just can’t resist imagining their sales pitch:

At Shining Path Montessori, we take brainwashing seriously, which is why we’ve named this Los Angeles pre-school after an Andean terrorist group renowned for its brutally violent tactics. In combination with off-hours re-education at Potemkin Village Day Care, we’ll get your little Maoist zealot ready for graduation to Red Brigade Elementary and, ultimately, Long March High. Shining Path Montessori: For when you want only the best for your pillager-in-training

Seriously, though: What the fuck are you guys thinking???



  1. c-monster

    my friend vidalia on Twitter says that it’s getting them ready for Khmer Rouge Kinder. lol.

  2. Yvonne Connasse

    I hear tell that their “Pol Pot-Luck” dinners are to die for…bada-bing! Thank you, New York! Try the veal, it’s delish. Tip your waitress.

  3. Rosy Crush

    I think you have a lot a audacity to draw so many negative inferences based of the name of this preschool. You are attacking the character and integrity of a place that I personally know of to provide nothing but love, nurturing, guidance and respect for young children. Shining Path has been such an asset to my family and I would reccomend them to anyone. You should really do your research before making such rude and incorrect assumptions.

  4. c-monster

    i’m sure its a delightful school, but the name is terrifically unfortunate. here’s some homework: