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Hey Folks:

I’ve got a feature in this month’s ARTnews on artists making art about the art world that often serves as a stinging critique of our little corner of human civilization. Covered in the piece are rants by William Powhida, installations by Jennifer Dalton, biennial pieces about biennials and my favorite: Joe Sola’s jump-out-the-window-during-studio-visits piece.

You can read the story online. Or, better yet, pick up the mag at your nearest newsstand.



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  1. Christopher Blay

    Hey C-Monster,
    I just read that article a few minutes ago and it resonated with me quite a bit. I work as an institutional critic and have for the past 12 years. I also got to hear the guys from BHQFU and Henny Youngman come out and give lectures at the Modern Art Museum Fort Worth. I think it’s the natrual progression of art making as Narcissus turns to gaze at himself. Subject matter has exhausted itself, conceptualism is imploding, intellectualism makes me sleepy and spiritualism in art has been exposed to the stage lights of that romantic comedy. So all that’s left is art about art. Awesome. Thank you for this article. If you ever come to Fort Worth, TX, I think you’ll have EVEN MORE to write about! Peace. Christopher, AKA Frank Artsmarter.