Bushwick artsy fartsies: Find me in ARTnews.

No Sleep Till Bushwick, 2008, by Skewville. (Photo by C-M.)

Hey Folks:

I’ve got a feature in the February issue of ARTnews about the artsy fartsies that are happening in Bushwick.

I’m sure this will occasion some bellyaching about how articles such as these “ruin” a neighborhood. But I want you all to rest assured that I’ve done the math and no New York neighborhood is completely ruined until it is featured regularly in the New York Times real estate section (check) *AND* on the cover New York magazine (not yet). Though, if you’re wondering what said coverage would look like, check out the mag’s 1992 cover story on Williamsburg.

Anyhow, you can check out my story at ARTnews.com — or better yet, pick up the mag on the newsstand and help me pay for the wide selection of craft beers that now clutter my local C-Town. Okay, maybe not. I’m a Tecate-12-pack-at-the-Food-Dimension kind of girl…




  1. mattf

    Can’t we help you out without actually buying ARTnews? Like a donate button anywhere on this site?

  2. c-monster

    No plans for a donate button. I just try to support the medium that absorbed the cost to make the story possible. But I’ll be sure to let you know when I publish a book…

  3. mattf

    Speaking of books, any opinion on the new “Graffiti and Street Art” book in the Thames & Hudson “World of Art” series?