Calendar. 08.15.12.

Entrada, enamel paint on found objects, by Max ‘RIPO’ Rippon. From the artist’s solo exhibit Signs, Fines & Cheap Wines, at White Walls, through September 1. (Image courtesy of the artist and White Walls.)

  • L.A.: Alison Saar, STILL…, at the Ben Maltz Gallery at Otis. Opens Saturday, on the west side. There will be an artist’s reception on September 15 at 4pm.
  • L.A.: Abel Alejandre, La Junta/The Gathering, at Coagula Curatorial. Through September 2.
  • S.F.: Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon, No Touch, at Eli Ridgway. Opens Friday.
  • NYC: Projects 98: Slavs and Tartars, at the Museum of Modern Art. Opens today, in Midtown.
  • NYC: An artist sandcastle competition organized by Creative Time. This Friday at 3pm in the Rockaways. Hells Yeah!

Random Linkage:

  • Triple Canopy has a fantabulous essay about International Art English (IAE) — aka artspeak — tracking down its origins to the journal October, known for featuring translations and transliterations of dense, French poststructuralist texts. Artspeak, therefore, is English that is trying to sounds like badly translated French. (ArtInfo.)
  • Related: Great discoveries I made while reading the Triple Canopy essay: John Russell’s corrected gallery press releases. Overuse of opposites is one of my favorite artspeak tropes.
  • Connected, but not: Several short sentences about writing.
  • Kriston Capps on the Hirshhorn’s spectacle strategy.

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