Calendar. 06.12.13.

Who's On Third, by Llyn Foulkes
Who’s on Third?, by Llyn Foulkes, 1971–73. Part of the artist’s retrospective, Llyn Foulkes, at the New Museum. Opens today, on the Lower East Side. This is a bangin’ show, people. Go see it. And listen to my NPR profile of Foulkes while you’re at it. Or, better yet, if you want to see the artist in person, he is giving a talk on Thursday at 7:30pm.  (Courtesy John Jones Collection and the New Museum.)

  • L.A.: Richard Artschwager! at the Hammer Museum. Opens Saturday, in Westwood.
  • NYC: Bienal 2013: This is Where We Jump, at El Museo del Barrio. Opens today, in East Harlem.
  • NYC: Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes, at the Museum of Modern Art. Opens Saturday.
  • NYC: Maurice Sendak: A Celebration of the Artist and His Work, at the Society of Illustrators. Through August 17, on the Upper East Side.
  • NYC: Pancho Westendarp, Victoria Burge and Tom Kotik, Time Times Three, at Robert Henry Ceontemporary. Opens Thursday, in Bushwick.
  • NYC: Lorna Mills, The Axis of Something, at Transfer Gallery. Opens Friday at 7pm, in Bushwick.
  • Pittsburgh: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, S/HE IS HER/E, at the Warhol Museum. Opens Saturday.
  • Northampton, Mass.: Summer of Love: Psychedelic Posters from SCMA, at the Smith College Museum of Art. Opens Friday.
  • Berlin: Clemens Behr, Splitter, at Gestalten. Opens Thursday at 6pm.

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