Miscellany. 11.04.13.

Fenomenología a las 7:30 p.m. (codiaeum varegatum) by Melissa Gallaga
Fenomenología a las 7:30 p.m., by Melissa Gallaga. (Image courtesy of the artist.)

**I gave a talk about Art and the Internet at Scripps College last week, and came up with this list of potentially helpful links.**

  • The street dogs of Juarez. Read. This. Story.
  • Germans recover more than 1500 modernist works of art looted by the Nazis. Whoa.
  • TED Talks are lying to you: deconstructing the creativity hype.
  • The corporatizing effects of SXSW: “For at least ten days, downtown Austin becomes privatized, a company town controlled by Miller Lite, Google, Doritos, AT&T, and Pepsi.”
  • A helpful tool for all those tech conference organizers that can never seem to find women speakers.
  • Tired of the tidal wave of high-testosterone dude art showing around New York? ARTnews has a handy guide to interesting lady shows. (To this I would add the Sophie Calle exhibit at Paula Cooper.)
  • The Paris Review has a wonderful piece about Cal Worthington and the L.A. experience he represented.
  • Writer Rebecca Solnit and curator Nato Thompson talk gentrification and the role of culture in cities.
  • A history of the artist statement.
  • Related: ArtSpeak, the guide.
  • Two Banksy pieces worth reading: Jerry Saltz’s critical rant, and Ben Davis on what the Banksy publicity-fest reveals about New York.
  • Museum I’m totally excited to visit: the one housed in Saddam’s former palace in Basra.
  • In other dictatorial architecture news: Apple’s hemorrhoid ring HQ has been approved by the Cupertino city council.
  • Frank Gehry’s Disney Hall turns 10.
  • Revisiting Peter Zumthor’s proposed LACMA scheme.
  • Interesting profile of David Adjaye in the New Yorker. (Subscription required.)
  • How to name a subdivision. This explains Orange County.
  • The Day in Art Merch: LAX Airport Socks. (Gizmodo.)
  • In praise of boredom.

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