Professional Bio. is produced by Carolina A. Miranda, a freelance writer and editor who covers art, architecture, creativity and travel for a variety of national and regional media, including Time, ARTNews, ARCHITECT, Art in America, Budget Travel, Centurion, Lonely Planet and Fast Company. As part of her freelance work, she has written features on the use of biotechnological processes in art, the Latin American radicalism of architect Oscar Niemeyer, the rise of fine art video games, and the burgeoning food scene in Lima, Peru.

In addition to her written work, Miranda is a regular contributor to various public radio programs. Her reports — on topics as diverse as the L.A. arts scene and the history of the taco — have appeared on programs such as NPR’s All Things Considered and Weekend Edition, as well as PRI’s Studio 360. She is also a regular contributor at KCRW, the popular public radio affiliate in Los Angeles. For three years until 2012, she served as a contributing art critic at New York Public Radio sister stations WNYC and WQXR. There, she produced the arts blog Gallerina, as well as weekly, local arts reports for various on-air programs. She also hosted the two-part audio documentary Perfect City, about New York during the time of the Abstract Expressionists.

Prior to working as a freelancer, Miranda was a general assignment reporter at Time magazine, where she covered arts, education and social issues, among other subjects. During her time there, she interviewed Al Gore about his global warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth, reported on the burgeoning industry of skatepark design and was part of the team that broke the news of irregularities in FEMA director Michael Brown’s resume in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

She was named a fellow in the USC Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Program twice — in 2008 and 2011 — for The blog has been cited by numerous media, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Mediaite. She has also generated a following on her Twitter feed (@cmonstah). The New York Times named her one of nine people to follow on Twitter and the L.A. Times dubbed her a Twitter ‘favorite.’ In 2012, she received a Deadline Club Award nomination for an Andy Warhol-related Twitter project which she organized on behalf of WNYC, in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art.

She lives in Southern California.

Selected pieces (in reverse chronological order):

  • Art in the Streets. A critique of the street art and graffiti exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. (See a PDF here.) ARTnews, June 2011.
  • Cosmic Comic. A profile of artist Kenny Scharf. ARTnews, June 2011.
  • High Art: Ken Johnson on How 1960s Drug Culture Transformed Fine Art. A Q&A with Johnson related to the release of his book, Are You Experienced? WNYC, May 31, 2011.
  • Graffiti: Art or Vandalism? A two-way interview with Kurt Andersen on the rise of graffiti in downtown L.A. in the wake of a museum’s street art exhibit. Studio 360, Apr. 29, 2011.
  • Let the Games Begin. Cover story on how video games are being used by artists and displayed in museums. (See a PDF here.) ARTnews, April 2011.
  • Notes from Underground. A Q&A with digital artist and composer Alexander Chen about his playable online subway map. WNYC, Mar. 28, 2011.
  • The Axe as Art. A two-way interview with John Schaefer about various guitar-themed art shows in NYC. WNYC Soundcheck, Mar. 8, 2011.
  • Rubin Museum Hosts Pajama Party. An article about the museum’s adult overnight event called the “Dream Over.” WNYC, Mar. 7, 2011.
  • At the Queens Museum: Luis Márquez and the World of Tomorrow. Article about a photography show relating to New York, Mexico and the World’s Fair. WNYC, Mar. 1, 2011.
  • The Art of Online Dating. A Q&A with artist R. Luke DuBois about his digital project relating to the words people use in their online dating profiles. WNYC, Jan. 24, 2011.
  • Gallerina’s First Annual Year-End Guide to Year-End Arts Coverage. A humorous year-end art wrap-up piece. WNYC, Dec. 23, 2010.
  • Beyond Graffiti. A cover story on street art’s abstract and conceptual turn. (See a PDF of the story here.) ARTnews, Jan. 2011.
  • In the Wake of the Smithsonian Controversy: Hide/Seek Curators speak at the NYPL. News item on a panel discussion that featured the scholars behind the museum’s history-making gay-themed show. WNYC, Dec. 16, 2010.
  • New Museum installs controversial Wojnarowicz Video, following Smithsonian censorship. An article explaining the David Wojnarowicz controversy at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. WNYC, Dec. 8, 2010.
  • Perfect City: New York and the Art That Changed the World. A two-part audio documentary on New York City during the time of the Abstract Expressionists. WNYC, Oct. 1, 2010.
  • Raise a Baby Bookworm. Feature story on infant literacy. Babytalk, October 2010.
  • How Chicano Is it? A cover story on the history of Chicano art and contemporary practice. (See a PDF of the story here.) ARTnews, Sept. 2010.
  • Bravo’s Work of Art Riles Up the Art World. Story on the art industry reaction to the television show. Time Magazine (print and online), Aug. 4, 2010.
  • My Life in Oil. On-air and online report about environmental art and my father’s personal industrial photographs. WNYC, July 6, 2010.
  • Hidden City: Riding the Current with Artist Marie Lorenz. Online and video report on navigating New York’s waterways in an art boat. WNYC, June 10, 2010.
  • The Gallerina Guide to NYC’s Ugliest Buildings. Online report, plus an on-air appearance on The Brian Lehrer Show, tied to the release of AIA’s updated New York City guide. WNYC, June 3, 2010.
  • Off the Street and Into the Galleries. On-air and online report on street art and gallerist Jeffrey Deitch’s show in New York City. WNYC, May 13, 2010.
  • Kayaking the 10,000 Islands. Feature story on a three-day kayak trip through the Ten Thousand Islands. Florida Travel + Life, April 2010.
  • Troubled “Skin Fruit” at the New Museum and “Skin Fruit” by the Numbers. A two-part online opinion piece about the controversial Jeff Koons-curated show. WNYC, March 30, 2010.
  • The Swellest Little Town in Costa Rica. Cover story on a surfing vacation in Samara, Costa Rica. Budget Travel, March 2010.
  • South America in a Snap: Food in Lima. A story on the Peruvian capital’s burgeoning gastronomic scene. Budget Travel, February 2010.
  • Don’t Objectify Him: Tino Sehgal at the Guggenheim. Online and on-air review of Seghal’s object-less exhibit at the Guggenheim. WNYC, Jan. 29, 2010.
  • Beetlemania. A feature story on the use of insects in art. ARTnews, Jan. 2010.
  • How Smart is Your Baby? Feature story on infant brain development. BabyTalk, Jan. 2010.
  • Miami City Guide: 10 Things To Do in 24 Hours. Online travel guide for, November 2009.
  • Ceviche is the new sushi. Story on the rise of Peruvian haute cuisine in the United States. Time Magazine, Oct. 12, 2009.
  • Why We Love 30A. Road trip story on the Florida panhandle for Florida Travel + Life, July/August 2009.
  • Can Bravo Pick the Next Top Artist? On-air and online report on the tryouts for a new art reality show for WNYC, July 29, 2009.
  • Just What Is a Wise Latina, Anyway? Opinion piece on the Sonia Sotomayor Supreme Court confirmation hearings for, July 14, 2009.
  • Journey to the West: Asian Designers are Schooling American Architects. Article on shifts in the architectural pedagogy of Los Angeles. Fast Company, December 2008/January 2009.
  • A Two-Way Street. Cover story on the presence of street art in museums. (See a PDF of the story here.) ARTnews, Nov. 2008.
  • Renting Frank Sinatra’s House. A travel/design piece on renting historic modernist homes in Palm Springs. Time Magazine, July 31, 2008.
  • Wine Time: Artist Jim Lambie Gets Labelled. Blog item for The Moment, at, June 10, 2008.
  • Q&A with D.A. Pennebaker. An interview with the filmmaker on the occasion of the release of his remastered documentary Bob Dylan: Don’t Look Back., Feb. 26, 2007.
  • The Menu Magician. Profile of menu engineer Gregg Rapp. Time Magazine, June 11, 2006.
  • 10 Questions for Al Gore. Interview for Time Magazine, Nov. 27, 2006.
Bio Last Updated: July 2013.