The Damien Hirst Award for Creepiest Buffet: The Rubell Collection

Hard boiled eggs.

In the Rubell Collection’s backyard, there was a trough — and I mean a trough — of hardboiled eggs served for breakfast during the gallery’s opening. Not only was the smell, um, intense, I imagine that it had the negative effect of turning those art industry types into bigger gasbags than usual.

Shovel 'em in!

People were actually eating them — using latex gloves.


One person, however, was not enthused by the grub on offer.

Bacon and latex gloves.

There was also a tin of bacon (of dubious provenance) surrounded by a sea of latex gloves. And the Baselistas were digging in!

Bacon and latex gloves.



Not that sinister, but I’ll include it anyway: croissants.

Posted by C-Monster.



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  3. TT


    I come here for edification and what do I get, hard boiled eggs - in these quantities I believe the UN classify them a a weapon of mass distinktion

  4. Petite Maoiste

    these photos are macabre! love them, nothing is quite like the rich when they feel free to roam in their natural habitats unobserved (or so they think) I posted a few amusing ones of Venice and various art fairs in my blog too ;)