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Art Fairs: Super quick update.

Volta is meh. But if you’re there, head straight for Steve Turner Contemporary’s booth which has this piece by Deborah Grant. It is pretty dang epic, charting the all-kinds-of-tragic life of painter William H. Johnson in a series of illustrations that creep out from the center. Click on the image to supersize. Click here to see a detail. (Photo by C-M.)


Calendar. 02.22.11.

Kin XXXII (Run Like the Wind), 2008 by Whitfield Lovell. Part of the exhibit More Than You Know at the Smith College Museum of Art, in Northampton, Mass., through May 1. (Image courtesy of the Smith College Museum of Art.)

  • L.A.: Sandow Birk, Steve Lamber, Raymond Pettibon, William Powhida, Eduardo Sarabia and others in These Walls Could Talk, at the Charlie James Gallery, in Chinatown, through April 2001.
  • L.A.: Jedediah Caesar, Mango Obstruction, Susanne Vielmetter in Culver City, through March 12.
  • L.A.: Sol Lewitt, Structures, Works on Paper, Wall Drawings: 1971-2005, at L.A. Louver, in Venice, through Saturday.
  • L.A.: Do/No/Go Nuts at Family, on Fairfax, opens Thursday.
  • Cincinnati: Keith Haring, 1978-82 at the Contemporary Arts Center, opens Saturday. To herald the opening of the show, French street artist JR will give a talk at the museum on Friday evening at 7pm. (Museum membership is required to attend the talk.)
  • Chicago: Susan Phillipsz: We Shall Be All, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, opens Saturday.
  • Chicago: Kings, Queens and Courtiers: Art in Early Renaissance France, at the Art Institute of Chicago, opens Sunday.
  • Fort Worth: The Hudson River School: Nature and the American Vision, opens Saturday.
  • NYC: The Unusual Suspects, Abe Lincoln Jr., Celso, Chris RWK, infinity, Keely, Matt Siren, Royce Bannon and many more, at the Frost Art and Performance Space, this Saturday at 6pm.
  • NYC: Selections from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Jon Lutz, at Wildlife, in Brooklyn, opens Friday at 7pm.
  • NYC: Angel Otero, Memento, at Lehmann Maupin, through April 17.
  • London: Cory Arcangel, Beat the Champ, at the Barbican Gallery, through May 22.

Photo Diary: Sew Draw at Pandemic in Brooklyn.

Because I am on a roll, I made it to the opening of the Pandemic Gallery’s Sew Draw show this past weekend in Brooklyn — and all I gotta say is: Get. Over. There. The rubber sculptures made by Allison Read Smith (out of scraps of roofing rubber) are all kinds of wonderful. The show also includes some highly interesting drawings by Richie Lasanksy.

As always, it’s Thursday, which means you can find my arty New York listings over at Gallerina. (Look for the link to the slug sex video. It’s amazing.) Also, I got to collaborate with Paddy Johnson of Art Fag City on a little report related to The Sound of Art. Woo Hoo!!!

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Calendar. 06.22.10.

No Olvidado (Not Forgotten), a series of 23 graphite drawings by Andrea Bower that honor those who have died crossing the U.S./Mexico border. Part of the solo exhibit, The Political Landscape, at Susanne Vielmetter in Los Angeles, through July 31. (Image courtesy of Susanne Vielmetter.)

  • L.A.: Malcolm McLaren, Shallow 1-21, a series of musical paintings, at Ben Maltz Gallery at OTIS, opens Saturday.
  • L.A.: John Baldessari: Pure Beauty, at LACMA, opens Sunday.
  • S.F.: Calder to Warhol: Introducing the Fisher Collection, at SFMOMA, opens Friday.
  • S.F.: Nao Bustamante, Deathbed, and Lindsey White, Equivalent Exposure, at Baer Ridgway, through July 17.
  • S.F.: Clare Rojas, We They, We They, at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, through Sept. 12. As part of the show, there is a Giant Robot pop-up shop at the museum.
  • In Santa Fe: Judy Chicago: The Toby Heads, at LewAllen Galleries at the Railyard, through July 25.
  • Newport, NH: Fabrications, at Cynthia Reeves Projects, opens Saturday at 4pm.
  • NYC: ACM, Mansaray, Rigo 23 and Volyazlovsky, at Andrew Edlin Gallery, through Aug. 14.
  • NYC: Sonjie Feliciano Solomon, Frozen and Filtered, at Causey Contemporary in Brooklyn, through July 12.
  • London: Jonathan Monk and Douglas Gordon, Double Act Repeated, at Lisson Gallery, opens Wednesday.
  • Sorta related: Jason Middlebrook wants your family recipes for an exhibit at Arthouse in Austin.
  • Plus: El Saltzino on Episode 2 of Bravo’s #workoFart.

The Digest. 03.29.10.

Hyena, by Ping Zhu. (Image courtesy of Ping Zhu.)

  • Werner Herzog as a plastic bag. (Kottke.)
  • Speaking of bags, Morrissey would like to keep Damien Hirst’s head inside of one.
  • needs your help.
  • Craziest Video Ever: Kool-Aid Man in Second Life. (Don’t miss the part where he goes to the sex club. You’ll never be the same again.)
  • Museum I gotta get to: The Museum of Menstruation and Women’s Health. Am fascinated by this delightfully sinister menstrual propaganda from the ’40s. Bet @museumnerd hasn’t covered that one. Yet.
  • Word on the street is that L.A. MoCA could kick off the Deitch regime with a Dennis Hopper show. Not Edward. Dennis.
  • The New Museum’s Richard Flood equated bloggers with “prairie dogs” and that “truth means nothing to them” during a speech at the Portland Art Museum, according to a report by Lisa Radon on Hyperallergic.  He also said he just learned about blogs a few months ago, “the internet is still a ghetto” and that Jerry Saltz’s Facebook page is “frightening.” All this from a guy who is curator at an institution whose clearly-stated mission on its website and on its 990 tax forms is:  “New Art, New Ideas.”
  • In light of this…Let’s Dump on Skin Fruit Day: Christian Viveros-Faune says, “The wrong show for our times in just about every possible way.” And even the usually relentlessly-positive Saltz-master opines, “this much beloved yet deeply frustrating institution has crossed some invisible line, its already-thin credibility stretched to the breaking point.”
  • John Perrault has been testing out the Is This Art? iPhone app.
  • Slideshow: Painting, not dead yet, writes Roberta Smith.
  • California, through the eyes of Henry Wessel.
  • Lady Painters Round-Up: Awesome video bit with Susan Rothenberg (about painting a dog she’d had to put down) and Ida Applebroog (talking vagina).
  • Tino Sehgal Flashback: What is progress? “An angel being blown back through time.” Good answer. (The kids interviewed for this segment are awesome.)
  • Art on the pooper: The White Cube Toilet Gallery. (@ARTnewsmag.)
  • The Day in Art Merch: Andy Warhol Ferragamos. Effing hilarious.
  • RIP Jim Marshall, rock photographer. See a NYT slideshow here.
  • Woot woot! Thanks, Flavorpill, for the props.
  • Shepard Fairey is asking for permission.
  • Today’s Street Art: The Gualicho car, in Argentina.
  • SANAA, designers of the New Museum, take the Pritzker. See additional coverage at Cityscapes, NPR, Fast Company, and NY Times. Plus: Cityscapes on how to win the Pritzker: practice, practice, practice.
  • The High Line, before and after.
  • Stair Porn. (Thank you, Howie.)
  • Orson Welles reads Moby Dick.

Calendar. 03.11.10.

Lethal Injection Gurney, 2008, by Robert Priseman. Part of the exhibit No Human Way to Kill at White Box, in New York, opens Monday, March 15. Book signing and artist talk on Tuesday, March 23rd at 7pm. (Image courtesy of White Box.)

  • In Miami: Anna Gaskell at World Class Boxing, opens Saturday at 7pm.
  • In Miami: Chained to a Creature of a Different Kingdom, at David Castillo, opens Saturday at 7pm.
  • In Miami: Diego Singh, Pathological Liar/Stalker, at Fred Snitzer, opens Saturday at 7pm.
  • In NYC: Lost Amazon: Nature’s Discontent, photographs and video by Andrew Garn, at A.M. Richard Fine Art in Williamsburg, opens Friday at 6pm.
  • In NYC: Otto Dix at the Neue Galerie, opens today.
  • In NYC: Graphic Heroes, Magic Monsters, at the Japan Society Gallery, opens Friday.
  • In NYC: Curious George Saves the Day: The Art of Margret and H.A. Rey, and Modern Art, Sacred Space: Motherwell, Ferber and Gottlieb, at the Jewish Museum, opens Sunday.
  • In NYC: Deborah Brown, Elisabeth Condon and many others, Ocketopia, at Lesley Heller Workspace, through April 18.
  • In NYC: Leola Bermanzohn, Abby Goodman, Kristin Reed and many others, Water’s Edge: 12 Artists from the Brooklyn Army Terminal, at the chasham 461 Gallery in Harlem, opens Friday at 7pm.
  • In L.A.: Jack Pierson at Regen Projects, opens Friday.
  • In L.A.: Andy Freedberg, The Guardians, and William Steiger, Recent Drawngs, at Kopeikin Gallery, opens Saturday.
  • In Gateshead, England: Jenny Holzer at the Baltic, through May 16.
  • In Berlin: Emil Holmer, Dead Letters, at Michael Janssen, opens Friday at 7pm.