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At the Basel Frazzle: Breakfast at the Rubells.

Healthy-delicious. And all it required was the occupation of a full house. (Photo by C-M.)

This past Thursday morning I crawled through a hole in a wall, entered a condemned house and proceeded to help myself to porridge. In one room were the bowls. In another, the spoons. In yet others were bubbling pots of oatmeal and stacks of brown sugar and raisins. While the victuals were tasty, in a fiber-rich, heart-healthy kind of way, the whole thing felt seriously overwrought. Beginning with the warning sign, at the entrance, which cautioned that the installation could be “physically dangerous.” (Clearly, these art nerds have no idea what it really takes to get into a derelict building.)

All of this was part of Jennifer Rubell’s latest food piece, Just Right, at the opening of her family’s art collection space, the Rubell Family Collection, in Miami’s arts district this week. Three years ago, I partook of her hard-boiled egg extravaganza. And as much as I abhor the idea of eating hard boiled eggs with a latex glove, there was a certain freakiness to the installation that I had to respect. This piece, however, felt frivolous - a way for a very well-to-do family to occupy a crestfallen old home within range of their imposing compound. An unwitting metaphor of Miami’s complicated issues of poverty, race, class and real estate.

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Calendar. 06.15.10.

The Fontainebleau, in Miami Beach, designed by architect Morris Lapidus, 1954. Lapidus is currently the subject of the exhibit A Question for Emotion and Motion in Architecture at Art Center/South Florida, through July 18. See the Miami Herald story here. (Photo by Telstar Logistics.)

  • NYC: Reflexive Reflection at Curatorial Research Lab, at Edward Winkleman Gallery, opens Friday at 6pm.
  • NYC: Vija Celmins: New Paintings, Objects and Prints, at McKee Gallery, through June 25.
  • NYC: Manufactured Landscapes, a free documentary film screening about the work of Edward Burtynsky, at Hasted Hunt Kraeutler, this Thursday at 6pm. (See Burtynsky’s TED talk here.)
  • NYC: Patrick Campbell at WORK Gallery in Brooklyn, opens today.
  • NYC: Shock Therapy, a group show, at Pandemic Gallery in Williamsburg, opens Saturday at 7pm.
  • NYC: Konbit Shelter, an artist talk with Swoon, at Christina Ray Gallery in SoHo, this Friday at 7pm.
  • Williamstown, Mass.: Picasso Discovers Degas, at the Clark, through Sept. 12. (The Art Newspaper.)
  • Chicago: Translating Revolution: U.S. Artists Interpret Mexican Muralists at the National Museum of Mexican Art, through Aug. 10.
  • Chico, Calif.: Nicholas Gagliardi, Mr. Marvel, Rise of the Modern Man, at 1078 Gallery, opens Thursday at 5pm.
  • S.F.: This is the book I have written for you, a text themed group show with Steve Lambert, Tucker Nichols, William Powhida, Zoe Strauss and many others, at Park Life Gallery, through July 18.
  • S.F.: Lindsay White at Baer Ridgeway, opens Saturday at 4pm.
  • Santa Barbara: Adrian Esparza, Paño-rama, at the Contemporary Arts Forum, through July 18.
  • La Jolla: Double Up, a group exhibit with Eve Sussman, Tavares Strachan and others, at Quint Contemporary, through July 3.
  • London: Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance & the Camera, at the Tate Modern, through Oct. 3.
  • Zaragoza, Spain: Quinto Asalto, a festival of Urban Art, in various locations around the city, through June 21. (Ekosystem.)
  • Brusells: Raymond Pettibon at Barbara Gladstone, through July 10.
  • Berlin: The 6th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art, in various locations, through Aug. 8.
  • Tokyo: Yoshitomo Nara at Tomio Koyama Gallery, through June 19.

Photo Diary:The Florida panhandle, pre-spill.

Inlet Beach. (All photos by C-M.)

In the course of some of my magazine assignments, I’ve gotten to know the Florida panhandle — which has made the spill in the Gulf feel like a personal affront. This isn’t some abstract environmental disaster in my mind. I’ve met, eaten, drank and hung out with the folks who live and work in this area. I feel at a loss on how I might do anything constructive, so I thought I might pay photographic tribute to an area that has shown me plenty of hospitality and some very good times.

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