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A different way of thinking about L.A.’s sprawl.

Andres Jaque at REDCAT in Los Angeles (Photo by C-Monster)

L.A. may be derided for its sprawl, but Spanish architect Andrés Jaque says the city’s in-between spaces make for a unique brand of urbanism — not to mention, some highly creative informal architecture. He has created installations inspired by these spaces in his new show at REDCAT in downtown. You can read all about it in my story in ARCHITECT.


Calendar. 09.12.13.

Peak, 2012, by Robert Pruitt, at Koplin del Rio
Peak, 2012, by Robert Pruitt. Part of the artist’s solo exhibition Fantastic Sagas, at Koplin del Rio. Opens Saturday, in Culver City. Artist talk at 4pm; reception at 6pm. (Image courtesy of the artist and Koplin del Rio.)

  • L.A.: Jennifer Dalton, On a Scale From Not Really Ok to Really Not Ok, at Charlie James Gallery. Opens Saturday at 7pm.
  • L.A.: Steve Roden, Rag-Picker, and Dave McKenzie, Where the Good Lord Split You, at Susanne Vielmetter. Opens Saturday, in Culver City.
  • L.A.: Mark Dean Veca: 20 Years — Work From the New Monograph, at Western Project. Through October 26, in Culver City. There will be a book signing and release this Saturday, September 14, at 6pm.
  • S.F.: Structurally Sound: New Works by Augustine Kofie, at White Walls. Opens Saturday.
  • Miami: LAndscape, a group show, at Fredric Snitzer. Opens today at 7pm, in the Arts District.
  • Savannah, Ga.: Ellen Gallagher, Ice or Salt, at the SCAD Museum of Art. Through January 19, at the Savannah College of Art and Design.
  • NYC: this is our house/this our roles/and we can’t stop, at Microscope Gallery. Opens Saturday at 6pm, in Bushwick.
  • NYC: New Photography 2013, at the Museum of Modern Art. Opens Saturday.
  • NYC: Interwoven Globe: The Worldwide Textile Trade, 1500-1800, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Opens Friday.
  • NYC: Lose Not Heart: J.D. Salinger’s Letters to An Aspiring Writer, at the Morgan Library and Museum. Through January 12, in Midtown.
  • NYC: Raymond Pettibon, To Wit, at David Zwirner Gallery. Opens Thursday, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: John McCracken, Works from 1963-2011, at David Zwirner Gallery. Through October 19, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: Totem, at Asya Geisberg Gallery. Opens Thursday at 6pm, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: Brian Adam Douglas, How to Disappear Completely, at Andrew Edlin Gallery. Opens Thursday, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: David Ellis, Hudson River Alley, at Joshua Liner Gallery. Opens Thursday at 6pm, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: Hisachika Takahashi: Draw a Map of the United States, From Memory, and Pataphysics: A Theoretical Exhibition, at Sean Kelly. Opens Friday, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art, at the Grey Art Gallery at NYU. Through December 7, on Washington Square Park.
  • NYC: Radio Waves: New York ‘Nouveau Realisme’ and Rauschenberg, at Sperone Westwater. Opens next Tuesday, on the Lower East Side.
  • NYC: Rachel Beach, Long Standing, at Blackston Gallery. Through October 27, on the Lower East Side.
  • NYC: Matisse: The Essence of Line, Selected Prints: 1900-1950, at the Marlborough Gallery. Opens today, in Midtown.
  • NYC: Seth, It’s a Good Life If You Don’t Weaken: An Exhibition of Drawings From The Picture Novella. Through October 26, on the Upper East Side
  • NYC: Janet Cardiff: The Forty Part Motet, at the Cloisters. Through December 8, in Inwood.

Calendar. 08.24.13. Better late than never edition.

Untitled by Bast at Jonathan LeVine Wooster Collective show
LAST DAY: Untitled, by Bast. Part of the exhibit Ten Years of Wooster Collective: 2003-2013, at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Through today, in Chelsea. (Image courtesy of the artist and Jonathan LeVine.)

  • NYC: American Modern: Hopper to O’Keeffe, at the Museum of Modern Art. Through January 26.
  • NYC: Soundings: A Contemporary Score, at the Museum of Modern Art. Through November 3.
  • NYC: Matthew Miller, Unveiling, at Pocket Utopia. Through August 29, on the Lower East Side. (The gallery is by appointment only for the month of August.)
  • Atlanta, Ga.: Fictional Geographies, at Robert Walden. Through September 7.
  • S.F.: Jennie Ottinger, Members Only, at Johansson Projects. Through September 19.
  • S.F.: Adam Feibelman, Do With Me What You Will, and William Emmert, A Lot of People Do This, at Guerrero Gallery. Through September 7.
  • L.A.: 356 Sculptures, at 356 Mission. Opens today at 6pm.
  • LAST DAY: L.A.: BDX-LAX: Faraway So Close, at Subliminal Projects. Through today, in Echo Park.
  • Mexico City: David Choe, Snowman Monkey BBQ, at the Museo Universitario del Chopo. Through October 27.
  • Copenhagen: Independents, a group show, at V1 Gallery. Through September 7.
  • Plus: It’s the last week for I, YOU, WE at the Whitney Museum. Christian Viveros-Fauné provides numerous reasons for why you shouldn’t miss this show.
  • Plus, plus: Christopher Knight on why Detroit’s art shouldn’t so hastily be sold off. (I’m embarrassingly behind on this story. But if you haven’t followed it and you’re gonna read only one piece about it, make sure this is it.)

Calendar. 07.10.13

Bong Rips at the Community Ceramics Center by Brion Nuda Rosch
Bong Rips at the Community Ceramics Center, 2011-13, by Brion Nuda Rosch. Part of the artist’s solo exhibit at ACME in Los Angeles, opening Saturday at 6pm in Mid-Wilshire. (Image courtesy of the artist and ACME.)

  • L.A.: My Barbarian, Universal Declaration of Infantile Anxiety Situations Reflected in the Creative Impulse, at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects. Opens Saturday, in Culver City.
  • L.A.: Fever of Dreams, a group show organized by Robbie Conal, at Koplin del Rio. Opens Saturday at 5pm, in Culver City.
  • L.A.: George Tate, Car Wash, at Craig Krull Gallery. Opens Saturday, in Santa Monica.
  • Santa Fe: Enrique Martínez Celaya, The Pearl, at SITE Santa Fe. Opens Saturday.
  • NYC: Cut ‘n’ Paste: From Architectural Assemblage to Collage City, at the Museum of Modern Art. Opens today.
  • NYC: Dianne Arbus and Lisette Model, Arbus/Model, at Hasted Krauetler. Through August 16 in Chelsea.
  • NYC: Folk Devil, at David Zwirner Gallery. Opens Thursday, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: Hair & Skin, at Derek Eller Gallery. Through August 16, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: David Jelinek, Money Down, at Andrew Edlin Gallery. Opens today, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: Acid Summer, at DCKT Contemporary. Opens today at 6pm, on the Lower East Side.
  • NYC: Balls to the Wall, at DODGE Gallery. Opens Thursday, on the Lower East Side.
  • NYC: Judy Chicago, in conversation with Jane F. Gerhard and Saisha Grayson, on the making of The Dinner Party, at the Brooklyn Museum. Tomorrow at 6:30pm.
  • Northampton, Mass.: Eye on the Street: Trends in 1960s and 1970s Photography, at the Smith College Museum of Art. Opens Friday.
  • London: VII, a group show with Cope2, Dave Kinsey, Michael De Feo, and many others, at Stolen Space. Opens Thursday at 6pm.

In Channa Horwitz’s Orange Grid.

Inside Orange Grid by Channa Horwitz at Francois Ghebaly.

I recently spent some quality time inside Channa Horwitz‘s installation at François Ghebaly in Culver City, the last gallery show organized by the artist before her death in April. I liked the installation so much I made a GIF of all its movable parts (in addition to putting together a few words about it). Horwitz also has an interesting personal story. Click through to Hyperallergic to get the scoop — and the GIF.


Photo Diary: Barry McGee at the ICA Boston.

Untitled 2005-2012 by Barry McGee at ICA Boston
Untitled 2005-2012, one of Barry McGee’s wall “boils” at the ICA.

Detail from an untitled installation constructed with old letter press trays by Barry McGee.
Detail from an untitled installation constructed with old letter press trays.

An object from Barry McGee's
These are some of my favorite pieces in the show: bulbous paper mache (I think) spheres with bits of McGee’s trademark sign lettering on them. There’s something very Katamari Damacy about them.

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Calendar. 05.30.13.

Pripaus Agonistes, by Mary Reid Kelley
A still from Priapus Agonistes, by Mary Reid Kelly, at Susanne Vielmetter Projects in Culver City. Opens Saturday at 6pm. (Image courtesy of the artist and Susanne Vielmetter.)

  • Williams, Mass.: Jason Middlebrook and Joseph Montgomery at MASS MoCA. Through April 7, 2014.
  • NYC: Vanishing Point, at Bitforms. Opens Thursday at 6pm. Plus: A curator-led tour with A.E. Benenson will take place on Thursday, June 27 at 5pm.
  • NYC: The Civil War and American Art, at the Metropolitan Museum. Through September 2.
  • NYC: Patrick Berran and Jack Henry, at Storefront Bushwick. Opens Thursday, in Bushwick.
  • NYC: A Puerto Rican History Celebration in honor of the Young Lords, at the Bronx Museum. This Friday at 6:30pm. (RSVP required.)
  • NYC: The Met’s European Paintings galleries have re-opened. Have at it, people!
  • Chicago: The Rapid Pulse Performance Art Festival, in various locations. Kicks off Friday with a talk by Wafaa Bilal, at the Defribillator Performance Art Gallery, and runs through June 10. (Tickets required for the vernissage with Bilal.)
  • L.A.: Joyce Pensato, I Killed Kenny, at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Opens Friday at 7pm, in Santa Monica.
  • L.A.: Zero Down: A Performance Art Group Show and Open Studios, at 1019 West. This Saturday from 5-9pm, in Inglewood.
  • Mexico City: Asco: Elite de lo oscuro, at the Museo Universitaro Arte Contemporáneo at UNAM. Through July 28.
  • Marseille: Le Pont, at the Musée de Art Contemporain (MAC). Through October 20.

Calendar. 05.15.13.

Gemini capsule petroglyph by Kevin Sudeith
A petroglyph of the Gemini Capsule, by Kevin Sudeith. Part of the artist’s solo exhibit, Modern Petroglyphs, at 308@156 Project Artspace. Opens Thursday at 7pm, in the Flatiron District. (Image courtesy of the artist. Plus: see my WNYC profile of Sudeith from last year.)

  • NYC: Lorna Williams, Appositions: Still/Birth/Shit, at Dodge Gallery. Opens Saturday, on the Lower East Side.
  • NYC: Maria E. Piñeres, Playland, at DCKT Contemporary. Opens Wednesday, on the Lower East Side.
  • NYC: video_dumbo, at Eyebeam. Opens Thursday in Chelsea.
  • NYC: B&W — Two Photographers: Maximo Colon and Elisa Perea, at MediaNoche. Opens Friday at 6pm, in East Harlem.
  • NYC: Ralph Fasanella, A More Perfect Union, at Andrew Edlin Gallery. Through June 22, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: To The Friends Who Saved My Life: Moyra Davey, Hervé Guibert, Heinz Peter-Knes, Jason Simon, Danh Vo, Francesca Woodman, Rona Yefman, at Callicoon Fine Arts. Opens Sunday at 6pm.
  • NYC: Search for the Unicorn: An exhibition in honor of the Cloisters 75th Anniversary, at The Cloisters Museum & Gardens. Opens today.
  • NYC: Land Marks: An exhibition of earthworks artists, and Imran Qureshi, on the roof, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Through November 3.
  • Chicago: Theaster Gates: 13th Ballad, and Think First, Shoot Later: Photography from the MCA Collection, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Opens Thursday.
  • New Orleans: Pat Steir, Endless Line and Self Portrait, at Newcomb Art Gallery. Through June 16.
  • S.F.: Andy Vogt, Submerged on the Surface, at Eli Ridgway Gallery. Through June 22nd.
  • L.A.: Mark Verabioff, Breakdown, a performance, at Night Gallery. This Saturday from 9pm-12am, in downtown L.A.
  • L.A.: Antonia Wright, Be, Marisol Rendón, So Dragons do Exists?, and Hugo Crosthwaite, Studies for CARPAS, at Luis de Jesus Gallery. Opens Saturday at 6pm in Culver City.
  • L.A.: Artifex, with Einer and Jamex de la Torre, Harry Gamboa Jr., Shizu Saldamando and John Valadez, at Koplin del Rio Gallery. Opens Saturday at 6pm, in Culver City.
  • L.A.: John Baldessari: Crowds, at ForYourArt. Opens Saturday at 4pm in Mid-Wilshire.
  • L.A.: Channa Horwitz, Orange Grid, at François Ghebaly Gallery. Through June 8, in Culver City.