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Calendar. 11.30.10. Basel Frazzle Edition.

Guess where I’m headed? God help me. (Photo C-M.)

  • Miami Beach: Art Basel Miami Beach, at the Miami Beach Convention Center, opens Thursday at noon.
  • Miami: Pulse Miami, at the Ice Palace in Miami, opens Thursday at 1pm.
  • Miami: Jonathan Meese, Sculpture, at MOCA North Miami, opens Wednesday.
  • Miami: Daniel Arsham, Alter, at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, opens today at 7pm.
  • Miami: Drawn and Quartered, curated by Gean Moreno, at World Class Boxing in the Wynwood District, opens Wednesday at 10am.
  • Miami: The Maginot Line, curated by Dennis Scholl, at David Castillo Gallery in the Wynwood District, opens Saturday at 7pm.
  • Miami: Abby Manock, at Gallery Diet in the Wynwood District, through Dec. 22nd.
  • Miami: Seven, a collaborative sort-of-fair among seven galleries, including Postmasters, Winkleman, PPOW and Pierogi, in the Wynwood District, opens today at 1pm.
  • Miami: #Rank, the Miami version of #class (in which artists go to Miami and stay pasty), at Seven in the Wynwood District, opens Wendesday at 6pm.
  • Miami: The opening of the Rubell Collection’s annual shows, How Soon Now and Time Capsule: Age 13-21, plus Just Right, Jennifer Rubell’s regular food extravaganza/freaky breakfast, this Thursday at 9am. All I know is there better be Hollandaise.
  • Miami Beach: Graffiti Gone Global, with Revok, London Police, Michael De Feo, Skewville and many others, at Sushi Samba, opens Wednesday 11am.
  • Miami Beach: Liquid Measures, at the corner of 3rd Street and Washington, on indefinitely.
  • Miami: A book party for Trespass, by Carlo McCormick and the folks from the Wooster Collective, this Friday. RSVP required.
  • Chicago: The Malling of Chicago, a discussion led by architecture critic Edward Lifson, at Goose Island Wrigleyville, this Wednesday at 6pm.
  • Milan: Orlan Aaka Orlan, at the Prometeo Gallery, through Jan. 8.

Photos from ART BURN 2009!!

ART BURN was smoking. Thanks to everyone who came out. We had a great time. Thanks to the sponsors: Hyperallergic, Brooklyn Street Art, Rosa Lowinger & Associates Art Conservation and Two Coats of Paint. A super special thanks to LAS TIAS, who were incredibly generous with their time and space.

I will post more photos later — after a full night’s sleep.


ART BURN 2009: Location Information!

View ART BURN 2009™ in a larger map Green markers are gallery spaces and private collections; purple markers are fairs.

ART BURN: The Most Combustible Art Show in the World will be held at LAS TIAS, the vintage home decor shop situated across the street from the Rubell Collection, in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District at sunset on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009.

An exclusive selection of more than three dozen exceptional pieces by the hottest renowned artists and sizzling, cutting-edge newcomers will be displayed from 1pm until sundown. After the exhibition, all of these original works will be burned by curator/grill master El Celso for the public’s viewing pleasure. Nothing is for sale.

We will be exhibiting and burning new works by:
Stikman, El Celso, Aurora Robson, infinity, Nick Fortunato, Skewville, Jayne Surrena, Darkcloud, Fabian Peña, Elbow-Toe, Rex Dingler, LA II, Royce Bannon, Leonardo Furtado (Brazil), Rednose, Gore-B, Buildmore, Abe Lincoln Jr., Cake, Paul Kostabi, Ellis-G, Jeannette Vidalia, 2esae, Avoid Pi, Stefano Pasquini (Italy), Keely, Destroy & Rebuild, Veng, F. Trainer, Ski, Joanne Mattera, Deeker, Sam Horine, Avone, Die Dose (Germany), Billi Kid, Evelyn Metzger, Robots Will Kill, Adam Vincentz, Garrison Buxton (Peripheral Media Projects), Michael DeFeo, James A. Willis, Dalva, Kristina Maria Lopez, Hargo, Ray Bradbury & very special guests.

The top upscale resale gallery in Miami and official, super-duper platinum level exhibition sponsor of ART BURN 2009.
2834 N. Miami Ave. @ 29th St.
Wynwood Arts District

Thursday, December 3, 2009
One day only from 1pm to sunset.

**Media Reception**
Thursday, December 3, 2009
5pm to sunset


The best upscale resale gallery in Miami and official exhibition sponsor of ART BURN

The official media sponsor of the ART BURN VIP Lounge

The official blogazine, critic and beer sponsor of ART BURN

The official street art and corporate snack sponsor of ART BURN

The official red carpet sponsor of ART BURN

The official marshmallow sponsor of ART BURN

The unofficial grilling partner of ART BURN

For the latest updates on ART BURN Miami, visit and, or follow us on Twitter: @elcelso or @cmonstah.

ART BURN Miami is the toastiest hot spot for the international art world. We look forward to burning for you at ART BURN Miami 2009.

For all press inquires, please contact El Celso at [email protected].


The Digest. 12.03.09.

Kcho at Juan Ruiz Galeria from Maracaibo, Venezuela at Art Miami. (Photo by C-M.)

  • Kaiju paintings on black velvet.
  • Art Market-palooza: The Economist reports on the state of all things money. (Art Observed.)
  • Did Damien Hirst buy his show at the Wallace Collection? Includes a round-up of other ethically-questionable museum shows. (Art Observed.)
  • Another private museum opens in Miami: this one housing the De la Cruz collection.
  • Basel Frazzle now trying to reach rich Latin Americans.
  • Find the Miami Herald‘s hub of Bazzle coverage here. And if that doesn’t saturate your vision, find another helpful round-up here.
  • An early Richard Serra sculpture receives protected status in Ontario.
  • Barry McGee: An SFMOMA conservator talks about maintaining works that are about transformation and decay.
  • A digital reconstruction of Da Vinci’s Last Supper as it would have appeared when it was first painted. (Arts Journal.)
  • Brooklyn’s 3rd Ward Moviehouse is looking for three-minute films.
  • Involuntary parks.
  • A killer set of images featuring photography from Artissima, Turin’s contemporary art fair.
  • The Minimum Wage Machine. (ackackack.)
  • Drowning: The photographs of Asako Narahashi.
  • The Pink Lady of Malibu. (Eyeteeth.)
  • Pritzker Prize Winner Peter Zumthor working on a plan to give LACMA’s campus a serious facelift.
  • Nuts: The Swiss are trying to ban minarets. More here. (architecture.mnp.)
  • Dubai sheik tweets about Islamic art as his emirate struggles to stay afloat under the weight of its own debt.
  • Photo Essay: The gangs of Rio.