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Calendar. 09.04.13.

Carla Gannis and Justin Petropoulos, Legend, at Transfer Gallery
Regardless the Object Described Minutely, 2013. From <legend> </legend> an exhibition by Carla Gannis and Justin Petropoulos, at Transfer Gallery. Opens Saturday at 7pm, in East Williamsburg. (Image courtesy of the artists.)

  • NYC: Iran Modern, at the Asia Society. Opens Friday, on the Upper East Side.
  • NYC: Images of an Infinite Film, at the Museum of Modern Art. Opens Saturday. (This is a stellar opportunity to see Kerry Tribe’s Patient H.M., a gripping-melancholic piece of video art. I saw it at the Whitney Biennial a few years back and I couldn’t stop watching.)
  • NYC: Société Réaliste, A Guide to Hell, at P! Opens Thursday, in SoHo.
  • NYC: Sandow Birk, American Qur’an, at PPOW Gallery. Opens Saturday, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: Pieter Hugo, Kin, at Yossi Milo Gallery. Opens Friday, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: Allan McCollum: Plaster Surrogates Colored and Organized by Andrea Zittel, at Petzel Gallery. Opens Friday at 6pm.
  • NYC: Michael Günzburger, Bestiary, at Edward Winkleman Gallery. Opens Saturday at 6pm, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: Michael Raedecker, tour, at Andrea Rosen Gallery. Opens Saturday, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: Blek Le Rat: Ignorance Is Bliss, at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Opens Saturday, at 7pm.
  • NYC: Calligraffiti: 1984-2013, at Leila Heller Gallery. Opens Thursday, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: Phil Collins, at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery. Opens Saturday, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: Volcanic Visions: Barkcloth Art of the Ömie, at Cavin-Morris Gallery. Opens Saturday, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: María Magdalena Campos-Pons and Neil Leonard, at Stephan Stoyanov Gallery. Opens Sunday at 6pm, on the Lower East Side.
  • NYC: Ron Gorchov, at Lesley Heller Workspace. Opens Sunday at 6pm, on the Lower East Side.
  • NYC: Ati Maier, The Map is Not the Territory, at Pierogi. Opens Friday at 7pm, in Williamsburg.
  • NYC: Jesse McLean, Stars, they’re just like us, at Interstate Projects. Opens Saturday at 6pm, in Bushwick.
  • NYC: Ray K. Metzker, Whimsy, at Laurence Miller Gallery. Opens Thursday, in Midtown.
  • Valhalla, NY: Sharon Butler, Dense Surveillance: New Paintings, at Westchester Community College Art Gallery. Through November 24.
  • Columbus, Oh.: The Pizzuti Collection opens its doors with an Inaugural Exhibition and a show of work by Cuban artists called Cuban Forever. This Saturday, in Short North.
  • L.A.: Neil Beloufa, Speaking About Best, at Francois Ghebaly. Opens Saturday, in Culver City.
  • L.A.: Bruce Davidson 1964/2012 and Camilo José Vergara: By Night in L.A., at Rose Gallery. Opens Saturday at 6pm, in Santa Monica.
  • L.A.: The Stand-In (Or a Glass of Milk), at Public Fiction. Opens Friday at 7pm, in Northeast Los Angeles.
  • L.A.: Cecily Brown, at Gagosian Gallery. Opens Friday at 6pm, in Beverly Hills.
  • L.A.: Kai and Sunny, Caught by the Nest, at Subliminal Projects. Opens Saturday, in Echo Park.
  • L.A.: True Believers, at the Torrance Art Museum. Through October 12, in Torrance.
  • PLUS: My pal Souris Hong-Porretta has put together one hell of an artist coloring book. Check it!
  • PLUS PLUS: Super great review of Ben Davis’s new book 9.5 Theses on Art and Class by Christian Viveros-Fauné in the Village Voice.
  • PLUS PLUS PLUS: Ben will be presenting his book in New York at Housing Works bookstore this Thursday at 7pm. Do not miss!