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Calendar. 11.30.10. Basel Frazzle Edition.

Guess where I’m headed? God help me. (Photo C-M.)

  • Miami Beach: Art Basel Miami Beach, at the Miami Beach Convention Center, opens Thursday at noon.
  • Miami: Pulse Miami, at the Ice Palace in Miami, opens Thursday at 1pm.
  • Miami: Jonathan Meese, Sculpture, at MOCA North Miami, opens Wednesday.
  • Miami: Daniel Arsham, Alter, at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, opens today at 7pm.
  • Miami: Drawn and Quartered, curated by Gean Moreno, at World Class Boxing in the Wynwood District, opens Wednesday at 10am.
  • Miami: The Maginot Line, curated by Dennis Scholl, at David Castillo Gallery in the Wynwood District, opens Saturday at 7pm.
  • Miami: Abby Manock, at Gallery Diet in the Wynwood District, through Dec. 22nd.
  • Miami: Seven, a collaborative sort-of-fair among seven galleries, including Postmasters, Winkleman, PPOW and Pierogi, in the Wynwood District, opens today at 1pm.
  • Miami: #Rank, the Miami version of #class (in which artists go to Miami and stay pasty), at Seven in the Wynwood District, opens Wendesday at 6pm.
  • Miami: The opening of the Rubell Collection’s annual shows, How Soon Now and Time Capsule: Age 13-21, plus Just Right, Jennifer Rubell’s regular food extravaganza/freaky breakfast, this Thursday at 9am. All I know is there better be Hollandaise.
  • Miami Beach: Graffiti Gone Global, with Revok, London Police, Michael De Feo, Skewville and many others, at Sushi Samba, opens Wednesday 11am.
  • Miami Beach: Liquid Measures, at the corner of 3rd Street and Washington, on indefinitely.
  • Miami: A book party for Trespass, by Carlo McCormick and the folks from the Wooster Collective, this Friday. RSVP required.
  • Chicago: The Malling of Chicago, a discussion led by architecture critic Edward Lifson, at Goose Island Wrigleyville, this Wednesday at 6pm.
  • Milan: Orlan Aaka Orlan, at the Prometeo Gallery, through Jan. 8.

The Viceroy: The Official Hotel of C-Monster.net at the Basel Frazzle 2009.

A bile-colored chandelier just brings the whole Phillipe Starck-designed spa together. (All photos by San Suzie.)

If the city of Miami gave a prize for the hotel that most embodies the anything-goes glamor of the December art fairs minus the pretentiousness of artistic content, the winner would surely be the new Viceroy on Brickell Avenue.  The brainchild of Miami-based developer Jorge M. Perez of the Related Group, the Viceroy offers Fall-of-Rome narchitectural splendor realized by the design triumvirate of Miami-based Arquitectonica (exteriors), interiors maven Phillipe Starck (spa) and design wunderplaymate Kelly Wearstler (hotel).

Located on the lower 15 floors of the center of three soaring and mostly unsold condo towers, the hotel’s art-inspired grandiloquence begs the question of whether buying pricey originals makes any sense in trying economic times when design-based knock-offs can appear just as ostentatious. Fortunately, guests will have ample time for such contemplation while getting “non-surgical facelifts” at the marble-clad, chandelier-encrusted, 28,000 square-foot spa — a studiously tranquil environment permeated by the pungent scent of excess.

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