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The Digest. 07.15.09.

Thug Life, by Vidalia. You know you want to see it large. (Photo by Vidalia.)

  • The world’s largest cupcake is coming to Covent Garden. (Coudal.)
  • What MOCA’s Charles Young does on his day off.
  • UNESCO reports on damage to Babylon archeological sites sustained while the area was used as a coalition base. They quote the British Museum which had previously said that this had been “tantamount to establishing a military camp around the Great Pyramid in Egypt or around Stonehenge in Britain.” (IIC.)
  • Dash Snow dies at 28. More here. (As well as NY Mag‘s hagiographic profile.)
  • Tyler Green has been exploring the torture debate in art. This post, which incorporates a piece by Bruce Nauman, is fascinating.
  • All the Reality You’ll Ever Need: Public performance art gets democratized on Antony Gormley’s Fourth Plinth, says Looking Around.
  • Photo Essay: Italian Renaissance drawings so delicate they only go on view once a generation.
  • Shirtboards, Gay Talese’s and others.
  • Medic! Tate Modern show leaves 23 with minor injuries. (Arts Journal.)
  • Ed Winkleman’s new book, How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery is officially out. Congrats, Ed.
  • 16 Miles of String reviews Creative Time’s latest effort — with lots of pix! — on Governor’s Island in one and two parts.
  • Obamart, still not going away.
  • The Shepard Fairey/AP lawsuit clusterfuck: In the latest legal maneuvering, photographer Mannie Garcia’s lawyers are saying that the AP doesn’t really own rights to the Obama Hope image because Garcia was a freelancer when he took the pic. More here. (Arts Journal.)
  • Today’s Graffiti: Evan Roth’s graffiti taxonomy project at the Fondation Cartier. Trippy.
  • The Telegraph reports that street art is, like, so over.
  • Banksy: New Orleans then and now.
  • Hitoshi Abe’s Ftown building. Very cool.
  • La Zaha’s Bach concert space in Manchester. See a very cool video of how it was built.
  • Prince Charles quits the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings after getting annoyed that he can’t preserve everything in amber.
  • Your moment of…BEST. ART ESSAY. EVER. Seriously. (Eyeteeth.)