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The donut-making luchador of East LA — in Lucky Peach!


I’ve got a profile of the donut-making luchador of East LA (aka Abel Nabor Campos, aka El Asesino Geminis) in the Winter 2014 issue of Lucky Peach and it’s got amazeballs photography by the awesome Naomi Harris. You can order the issue off of Amazon or better yet, subscribe to Lucky Peach and get a whole year’s worth!

The story is not online, so the only way to read it is to get the mag! Please check it. I’m really proud of this one. Nabor Campos has a truly inspiring story.



The Digest. 05.03.10.

A Fucken Dozen, by Collin Bancroft. (Image courtesy of Bancroft.)

  • Hilarious: Couch fort architectural critiques, in one and two parts. (Thanks, @comicstripicus.)
  • A cautionary tale about Google’s power. (Art Fag City.)
  • On Emily Jacir’s abruptly cancelled Venice Biennale installation: It appears that her use of Arabic script freaked out the city and the festival’s organizers. So hurtin’.
  • Thoughtful piece by Christopher Hawthorne on what Eli Broad’s museum may or may not do for downtown L.A.: “Even as Grand Avenue has continued to collect individual buildings by leading architects, long-imagined improvements to its streetscape have largely failed to materialize.”
  • A conversation between Jeffrey Deitch and Carlo McCormick at Bad at Sports. Love it when Deitch says that MFAs and MBAs are pretty much the same thing.
  • W Magazine on Michael Crichton’s collection. See the slideshow.
  • “Skateboarding on the Picasso is fun!”
  • How artists pay taxes in Mexico.
  • Arizona’s immigration law has spawned all manner of merch.
  • This Tod Seelie photo essay seems to channel my recent cross-country drive. In other words, awesome.
  • Chuck Close on Sesame Street.
  • The Borges/Neruda smackdown. (The Rumpus.)
  • Five species that cheated total extinction. For now. (Cool Green Science.)
  • A museum dedicated to urban art, in Coruña, Spain.
  • Today’s Street Art: A monster car from Derik in Ariege, France.
  • Best coverage of Shepard Fairey’s show at Deitch: “I think there’s a bunch of people here that want you to sign their boobs.” (Art Fag City.)
  • A Q&A with George Lois. Or back when magazines had balls.
  • The Saudi pavilion at Shanghai Expo: I. Have. No. Words.
  • Bill Murray, construction muse.
  • A doily rug. Whoa.