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Calendar. 03.13.13. (Sorta.)

King Kong GIF
I’ve got deadlines coming out of my ears, so listings are rilly thin. (Don’t have time to comb through all the press releases.) But you can entertain yourself by checking out my MOCA-LACMA explainer, as told in animated GIFs.

  • Paris: Chris Ware, at Galerie Martel. Opens Friday.
  • NYC: Alexandra Groczynski, Truisms, at Transfer Gallery. Opens Saturday at 7pm, in East Williamsburg. (It’s the debut show at this new tech-focused space.)
  • NYC: Blocked, a talk about writing by New York Times critic Holland Cotter, at the School of Visual Arts. Thursday at 7pm, at the SVA Theatre on West 23rd Street.

Find me over at Studio 360.

Hey Y’all:

I’m over at Studio 360 talking about GIFs — such as Alex da Corte’s piece, above — and the Moving the Still show in Miami…

Check it!


P.S. I’d given a shout out to Paddy Johnson’s GIF show at Denison University, but it didn’t get in. But if you’re into all things GIFfy in the world of art, knowing about that exhibit is a MUST. Also, see Born in 1987 at the London Photographer’s Gallery, which is currently on view.