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Donut luchador at KCRW’s Good Food.

El Asesino Geminis, Abel Nabor Campos. (Photo by Naomi Harris.)

Hey Folks:

I’m on KCRW’s Good Food talkin’ ’bout my Lucky Peach story on the donero luchador of East L.A., Abel Nabor Campos (a.k.a. El Asesino Geminis), with none other than Evan Kleiman. The segment contains audio of his cry, which is truly wondrous. Check it out here.

Special thanks to producer Gillian Ferguson for making me sound good while I was sick. And high five to photographer Naomi Harris for letting me nab the image above. (Follow her on Instagram for the further adventures of Maggs the Dog!)



Calendar. 07.21.11.

Gina Drunk with Henry in Lobby, by Naomi Harris. Part of the group exhibit Fuck Pretty: A Photography Exhibition, at the Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica. Opens today at 6pm. (Image courtesy of the artist and Robert Berman.)

  • Houston: The Whole World Was Watching: Civil Rights Era Photographs from Edmund Carpenter and Adelaide de Menil, at the Menil Collection. Through September 25.
  • North Adams, Mass.: Nari Ward: Sub Mirage Lignum, at MASS MoCA. Through February 28.
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  • DOUBLE PLUS: Two Kickstarters worth supporting: Steve Lambert’s Capitalism project and Leon Reid the IV’s Tourist-in Chief project. (FYI: I only recommend Kickstarters I donate to. This isn’t just lip service.)