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Calendar. 08.01.12.

A street work by Os Gemeos in Grottaglie, Italy. The Brazilian street art duo are opening a solo exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston today. (Image courtesy of Luna Park.)

  • Santa Fe: Art in the Age of Truthiness, at SITE Santa Fe. Through January 6.
  • Santa Fe: Munson Hunt, Sculpted, at David Richard Contemporary. Through August 25.
  • Austin: Hybrid Forms, a group show featuring artists working at the intersection of digital technology, sound and light, at the Jones Center. Opens Saturday.
  • Nashville: Bread Box, a pop-up gallery by ZieherSmith. Opens Saturday, in the Gulch.
  • Durham, N.C.: Olafur Eliasson: The Uncertain Museum, at the Nasher Museum of Art. Through September 30.
  • Northampton, Mass.: Outside the Box: Boxes as Cross Cultural Art and Object, at the Smith College Museum of Art. Through September 30.
  • NYC: HI JACK!, a group show with Emily Jacir, Chris Mottalini, Malick Sidibé and many others, at Jack Shainman Gallery. Opens Thursday.
  • NYC: The Hullaballoo Collective, Joie de Vivre, at PSPS. Opens Thursday at 6pm, in Chelsea.
  • NYC: Rico Gatson, Grounded, at Airplane. Opens Saturday at 6pm, in Bushwick.
  • NYC: Carousel, a cartoon slideshow, at Soloway. This Friday at 8pm, in Williamsburg.

The Digest. 01.29.10.

Os Gemeos at Galleria Patricia Mocida in Milan. See more flix at Fecal Face. (Photo by *fab*.)

  • The Six Most Statistically Full-of-Shit Professions: Art Critics come in at Number Four. (Hat tip to @russelltrombone.)
  • RIP J.D. Salinger.
  • This violates my unspoken rule of never ever linking to the Huffington Post, but I had to share it because of its radioactive levels of ridiculosity: Duke Riley writes to Hugo Chavez.
  • The Art Nerds Are Trash Talkin’!! Museums betting paintings for the Super Bowl. Bring. It. On.
  • The Getty gets a trove of Manuel Alvarez Bravo photos.
  • Speaking of which…Flashback: J. Paul Getty, Playboy columnist. (@KnightLAT.)
  • “But is it rubbish?” Brit artists trash their art.
  • Rendering Fear: a round-up of al-Qaeda graphic design. Seems to me like a number of these pieces owe a debt to Hollywood movie posters.
  • Snow sculptures of comics and cartoon characters.
  • Incisive Reportage: We went to the vagina show and what did we see? Vaginas. (The rug, it brought the room together.)
  • El Bulli to shut down for a coupla years. (My El Bulli dinner report from 2008 here.)
  • And because I’m on a food kick: My guide to Lima eats in Budget Travel.
  • Ziggy and the Spiders do the dining car.
  • Steam tunnel music.
  • Today’s Graff: Faif gets skaterrific in Spain.
  • Poster Boy got popped.
  • Unhappy hipsters.