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Whitney Biennial-palooza gets rolling!!!

Biennial artoon by Pablo Helguera.

The Whitney Museum has announced the artists that will be participating in next February’s Biennial…with a beautifully nerd-arrific video (which I can’t get enough of). Which means it’s time to cue the Greek chorus!! On today’s line-up: the New York Times‘s Carol Vogel comments on the shrinking nature of the biennial, Art Fag City goes after the weird juxtapositions, New York Mag‘s Saltz-master writes about the chick factor, Two Coats of Paint talks paint, and ArtNet‘s Charlie Finch does his Charlie Finch thing.

You can find my two cents over at WNYC (pleasepleaseplease click through). A teaser: it involves references to pretentious artspeak, garbage and quarterbacks. Feel free to leave lots of comments telling me how clueless I am.

Want to see what the heck everyone’s talking about? The World’s Best Ever has put together a very helpful slideshow of the artists selected for the show.