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Miscellany. 03.18.13.

I Miss My Mom, from Big Joy, by Sean Michael Solomon
I Miss My Mom, from the comic Big Joy by Sean Michael Solomon. (Found at The Smell during a recent Japanther concert.)

  • An incredible profile of Mike Kelley in the Wall Street Journal. READ.
  • The Charles Krafft saga continues: Studio 360 has a couple of highly interesting pieces on the Hitler teapot artist who recently came out as a Holocaust denier. One segment covers what it all means for institutions who have collected his work; while another features an interview with the artist himself. The latter is particularly riveting.
  • Related: Jen Graves follows up on her original Krafft piece.
  • Speaking of sagas, the high-end telenovela that is the Los Angeles Museuem of Contemporary Art continues with its melodramatic plotlines. Now they’re talking about a partnership with the fuddy-duddy National Gallery in D.C. Kriston Capps picks the deal apart to find a giant question mark, while Christopher Knight, of the L.A. Times, describes it as “a big, fat nothing-burger.”
  • Plus: Art F City has a supremely helpful A-Z guide to the MOCA-LACMA mess.
  • And, a special thanks to Complex for shouting out my MOCA-LACMA gif bit. Sometimes a good reaction gif can say so much more than words…
  • In other news: it appears that San Francisco has its own Eli Broad — and her name is Diane Wilsey.
  • And because too much is never enough when it comes to imploding museums, it would seem that the Indianapolis Museum of Art board and director are also engaged in some bizarre clusterfuckery. Seriously, museums, what the hell is going on?
  • The Armory Show Focus Group, a video by Liz Magic Laser. Watch. Watch. Watch.
  • Ai Weiwei is working on a heavy metal album.
  • LACMA just put up 20,000 images for FREE download on their website. LOVE. THIS.
  • This episode of Art Talk on KCRW reads like a memo to Eli Broad. (Translation: Enough with all the Koons.)
  • Your moment of puppy gif.