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My ARTnews story on Street Art.

Hey Folks:

The January 2011 of ARTnews magazine is hitting stands with a cover story I wrote about the new shape of street art. Specifically, it’s a look at the more abstract, geometric, sculptural and conceptual interventions going down in cities across the globe. (That’s Spanish artist Nuria Mora featured on the cover.) You can read the story online, but may I recommend picking up the mag. The article is illustrated with all kinds of incredible pictures, which you won’t be able to see otherwise.

As part of this, there’s a couple of street art-related tomes that really deserve a plug: Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art and Urban Interventions: Personal Projects in Public Spaces. These are two very thoughtful books devoted to the subject. Definitely check ‘em out.

As always, thank you for reading!



The Digest. 08.23.10.

Un gato. (Photo by Yvonne Connasse.)

Hey Folks: The flood situation in Pakistan is grim. Crops, livestock and infrastructure have been wiped out. (See Boston’s Big Picture to get a glimpse of the disaster.) Please consider pitching in via a reputable organization such as Oxfam. Every little bit helps.

  • It’s not just the Pacific. The Atlantic also has a swirling garbage patch.
  • The true cost of oil.
  • Christo and Jeanne-Claude project in Colorado seems to be on the skids. You can send a comment in support of the project at Over The River. You’ve got ‘til Sept. 14. (Arts Journal.)
  • The Art Industrial Average is Low: Chelsea Art Museum temporarily shuts down.
  • Van Gogh painting stolen from Cairo museum.
  • Making art out of apps. (Arts Journal.)
  • The Day in Celebrity Art: James Franco gets reviewed in the New York Times (by Roberta!) and a slideshow of Bob Dylan’s paintings. (L.A. Times.)
  • Picasso fabric.
  • Fred Kaplan pays tribute to jazz photographer Herman Leonard, who passed away earlier this month. That shot of Dexter Gordon is all kinds of wonderful.
  • The photography of Flo Fox. Fascinating story.
  • Art Fag City wants your fart art sounds.
  • Not sure how I missed this spectacularly grim piece of art merch: The Andy Warhol Electric Chair watch.
  • Photographer and AP drop claims against each other in Shepard Fairey case. Presumably leaving them more energy to go after Fairey.
  • Chernobyl street art. (Grazie, fabrye.)
  • Today’s Graff, Morse Code Edition: Line Line Dot, in L.A.
  • The McMansion of my dreams.
  • Tracking trends in fantasy book cover art. Swords, big. Fog/mist, on the rise.
  • Tadashi Kawamata’s Pompidou huts. Like architectural nests.
  • From the Department of Whoa: A pallet pavilion.
  • Marie Osmond reciting dada poetry. Oh fuck yes.

The C-Mon Giveaway Extravaganza: Beyond the Street.

Pages devoted to U.K. artist Lucy McLauchlan in Beyond the Street. (Image courtesy of  Gestalten.)

All right folks, we’ve got a big fat goodie for giveaway purposes: a brand-spankin’ new copy of Patrick Nguyen and Stewart Stuart Mackenzie’s Beyond the Street: The 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art, a nearly 400-page tome that weighs as much as a small dog and features a bonanza of photographs and interviews with everyone from Blu to Swoon to Os Gemeos to Jonathan LeVine.

This sucker usually retails for $78 in the States, but the folks at Gestalten have been kind enough to supply me with an extra copy for the purposes of a reader giveaway. Y’all know the drill: leave a comment below and I’ll be contacting one lucky dog by the weekend.



The Digest. 05.07.10.

Substandard, by Deeker. (Photo by Becki Fuller.)

  • Spiral Jedi.
  • Joanne McNeil has an interesting post about ROFLcon, and what makes a meme, over at NiemanLab.
  • 13 Things Not to Do when promoting your book. (The Rumpus.)
  • Bookslut‘s Jessa Crispin on art as plunder.
  • Further evidence that clowns are truly the scariest thing in nature: An art clown round-up.
  • That Picasso that sold for a buttload? A paean to female submissiveness.
  • Plus: Jerry Saltz on the Met’s Picasso show: “Do scholars want this guy to invent fire every ten years?“
  • And because too much Picasso is never enough: In Chicago, no more skating on the Picasso. :-(
  • The Whitney gets a buncha art from trustee Emily Fisher Landau.
  • The Guggenheim’s restaurant redesign has been honored with a James Beard award.
  • The Austin Museum of Art is looking for area artists.
  • Metropolis, fully restored. And if you live in NYC: about to screen at Film Forum. (Pack a lunch. It’s two and a half hours long.)
  • Today’s Street Art: Verbo in Italy.
  • Vintage Swedish book covers.
  • Ten seriously gnarly chairs.
  • Cowboy rain boots. You know you want ‘em. (Buckt.)
  • Interesting architectural piece about Berlin’s Topography of Terror museum: how to make a building that documents Nazi horrors without celebrating them.
  • The Day in Curmudgeonly Architectural Criticism: Jonathan Glancey doesn’t think the UK pavilion at Shanghai Expo is entertaining enough. Um, how ’bout just sitting around tripping out on that building?
  • A Christian anti-kissing video from the ’80s. The hairdos (and the furniture) are amazing. (Gracias, I think, John.)
  • Geologic pasta: The 100 Layer Lasagna. (World’s Best Ever.)

The Digest. 07.10.09.

Brooklyn wall, with Celso, Cake and Chris Stain.

  • An awesome Q&A with Gay Talese in the Paris Review. (@jennydeluxe.)
  • Brush fire forces an evacuation at the Getty, which is scheduled to reopen today.
  • China censors Ai Weiwei.
  • Hrag Vartanian breaks down the numbers on arts stimulus funding, a lot of which goes to prop-up infrastructure at non-profits. Plus: he speaks with Reps. Louise Slaughter and Todd Russell Platt, of the House Arts Caucus, about the state of arts funding.
  • L.A. Times questions “sketchy” OCMA sale in editorial.
  • Van Gogh’s private letters to be exhibited at the Royal Academy in London early next year.
  • Roman mosaic floor unveiled in Lod, Israel. (Arts Journal.)
  • Opposition group to Christo project calles itself “Rags Over the Arkansas River.”
  • Strangely fascinating: Blasting office chairs into space.
  • More on plastics falling apart: Joseph Beuys’s pieces at the Walker Art Center are gettin’ drip-drip-drippy. (Eyeteeth.)
  • Regina Hacket drops the atomic elbow on the TM Sisters.
  • Free Jerry Saltz! (AFC.)
  • The globalization of art. (To Fear It is To Know It.)
  • Homecoming, photographs of vets.
  • Boston’s Big Picture covers the clashes between Han Chinese and Uighurs in Urumqi, China. (Coudal.)
  • Frida Kahlo’s lipstick traces.
  • Foreclosure art.
  • Rad Photo Essay: Buildings without walls.
  • The rejected Wallpaper covers.
  • Your moment of Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. What? Related: the Pizza Cone.