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NYC: My incredibly handy map and audio guide to the Chelsea Fall Openings.

Because navigating the Chelsea fall openings is like getting sucked into a vortex of air kissing. I’ve teamed up with WNYC to produce a handy map and audio guide to the opening of this week’s fall shows. The best part: you can download it as a printable PDF map or access it via smartphone. Click on the map icons for micro-previews that you can read and hear. With this handy guide, you’ll never be lost in Chelsea’s look-a-like blocks again.

Find everything you need right here.


Flying High.

I have an interview over at WNYC with art critic Ken Johnson about his new book, Are You Experienced? which chronicles the influence of 1960s drug culture on the last half century’s worth of art. Also included: tips on the best New York museum to be stoned in. (Image of the painting Rabbit, by Judith Linhares,  featured in the book, comes courtesy of Prestel.)